Saturday, April 27, 2013

Getting started

Hello Everyone and thanks for checking out our blog.  We are new to this and I am not much of a writer but we are excited to share what the Lord is doing in our life and what is to come.  We created this blog so family and friends can check out our life in Chattanooga and our soon to be addition to our family, Sullivan Andrew, who will be making his arrival at the end of June.  We can't wait!  We have been preparing his nursery which means throwing out alot of our junk (really Andy's junk) so he can settle in.  I have been taking pictures as we go so here is our starting point with his room and I promise there will be a finished product soon.  Enjoy!
We had to down size our stuff quite a bit and still working on it.

Mazzie thought we were putting together a new bed for her, little does she know whats about to come.

Andy putting our crib together we were able to purchase at Pottery Barn thanks to our dear family

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