Monday, June 17, 2013

Anxiously awaiting

Hello everyone!  Andy and I are doing well and have been enjoying the warm weather and our last weeks of just us two before our little guy arrives.  We are 13 days away from our due date, hoping he will come before that but knowing we can see our due date come and go.  Whenever he decides to arrive it will be God's perfect timing.  It is easy to think, google, wish, amongst many other things to try to hurry him along but I believe this has been a time of teaching for me from the Lord.  I can very easily take things upon myself and try to figure out every little detail of how things are going to go and forgot that the Lord is anxiously awaiting, as I am, for me to place my complete trust in him.  What a major relief this is to us.  We are extremly blessed by him and can see his mercies being poured out to us daily.  I am once again reminded to a bible verse that always makes its way back to me and that is Isaiah 40:28-31.  It is a refreshment of how powerful his love is for his children.

We truely are over the moon excited to meet him and kiss his little face and toes.  During our wait I asked my sister to take some pictures of us.  She got a new camera for Christmas and wanted to try it out on us  for practice.  She did a pretty amazing job for someone who is new at it.  I posted some pics below that she took.  She has a good eye for it as well.  Enjoy!  Hopefully next post will be of Sullivan Andrew and his photo shoot!